is EVOLVING is EVOLVING is EVOLVING. Join us today!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

This is one of my absolute favourite quotes! It offers inspiration for not only my students, but also my business.

As a teacher of ballet for over 25 years, my passion for ballet continues to evolve every day – growing into something deeper, more meaningful, and exciting.

And I’m pleased to announce that my ballet business is also growing and evolving!

Curious to know more?

Welcome to the new

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I have recently launched my new website, where you can find detailed information on my coaching philosophy, the types of classes and coaching I offer – from group classes for children and adults, to my one-on-one coaching program. Also, my redesigned website features my very own blog where you can keep up to date on my studio’s news and read interesting articles on all elements of dance.

Despite these exciting changes, however, one thing remains the same: I am committed to providing superior dance lessons in a disciplined but encouraging, caring and nurturing environment. I have seen the amazing transformations that students have undergone through ballet and believe that ballet lessons prepare students not only for performances and examinations, but also for life!

If you want to progress quickly and achieve your technical and artistic goals with passion, skill and grace, my studio is right for you.

Join me today and let’s continue to evolve together! 


Behind every dancer who believes in themself, there is a teacher who believed in them first.