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What can I expect?

So you’ve signed up for your first dance class – excellent! Whether you are pursuing ballet, jazz, tap, or contemporary, here are some things to expect at your first lesson and tips to help you succeed in your dance training! Decide Between Private Lessons or Group Lessons. Lessons range from 30-45-60 minutes. Classes can include up to 15 dance students. The dance class will likely be fast-paced, usually starting with a warm-up, barre work and centre work including turns and jumps. Be Open to Learning New Things including new terminology in French or new was to stretch. Set Your Own Personal Goals - Don’t compare yourself to others in the class as we all have different learning techniques and paces

What if I've never taken a class before?

Dance students come into our programs with varying levels of dancing experience. Beginning with your very first class, there is plenty of encouragement and support for those who've never participated in dance classes before to help them catch up. We adapt our teaching to your ability. Remember that there's no rush or competition. The point is to learn, have fun and do your best. Your improvement will come at your pace. You may wish to consider some one to one private coaching sessions to learn some specific foot strengthening exercises or to catch up and really understand some of the mechanics of the basics such as foot articulation, how to pointe and how to plie which are the building blocks of all dance classes.

What times are your classes on and what is the cost?

Go to the "Timetable" page under the "classes and coaching" tab on the top menu for the Full timetable. Scroll to the bottom and costs are listed next to each class. Or on the timetable table you can click on the class and it expands to show you all the details of that class including cost. There is a one off annual registration fee for insurances which will be itemised on the enrolment page.

Where are you located?

Our new, beautifully appointed, purpose built air-conditioned studios are located at: The Dance Warehouse, Warehouse 1&2, The Palm Shopping Centre, Simpson Ave, Wollongbar. NSW. 2477. (Behind the shops) Please park in the designated parking bays on the curve at the lower end of the carpark.

What should I wear?

Go to the "Uniform" page under the "classes and coaching" tab on the top menu. There you will find all dress options listed when you look at the selected class.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol online at the pink enrol now button top right of the webpage 1. Create your new account or sign in 2. Complete all your personal details on the online form. 3. Tell us about any medical details you think we should know about 4. Select the classes for your child or yourself. The ones that we know you will love! 5. Select the red submit button to see an overview of your registration 6. Then don’t forget the final step by selecting the green FINISH REGISTRATION NOW button you will secure your place and it will take you to the boring legal bits like the terms and conditions and the agree Waiver forms. This will generate a confirmation and welcome email. 7. Follow the payment directions as per the welcome email you will receive confirming your enrolment. If you are joining us mid term, delay payment untiI we check your account and adjust for pro rata weeks and then email you an invoice. 8. You’re now set to go! Happy dancing!

How should I wear my hair?

You will be able to dance much better with your tied back neatly off your face. Loose hanging hair can be a danger to your eyes in case it whips around into your eyes.

What should I wear to the first class before I decide to continue?

Comfortable gym wear with socks. Hair tied back securely.

What are the Term dates?

Go to the "Timetable" page under the "classes and coaching" tab on the top menu where you will find the term dates listed

When is the end of year concert?

Go to the "Timetable" page under the "classes and coaching" tab on the top menu where you will find all important dates listed

Must I participate in the concert?

No! It is encouraged but not mandatory. Most dancers won't want to miss this exciting time of the year. Adult students do not perform in the concert.

What happens if I miss a class?

We are really grateful for a text message 0411306430 to let us know you or your dancer won't be at class so we don't worry.

Must I attend classes every week?

We really want your dancer to love the experience and to get the maximum benefit from their dance classes it is therefore recommended that they try to commit every week for a full year. The key to progress is consistency!

Must I take a ballet exam?

No! Ballet exams are a highly recommended optional extra.

What are the costs?

Go to the "Timetable" page under the "classes and coaching" tab on the top menu where you will find all class prices listed when you expand the selected class, or scroll to the bottom and see each class listed with a price in the right hand column.