The following testimonials have been provided by past and present students and their parents as well as ballet colleagues and associates.

Coaching with Monique was one of the best choices my Mum made for me. Monique is an asset to you and/or your child’s dance and life education. Monique's abundant expertise, passion, generosity and unwavering dedication to my individual needs and goals as a student of dance have been the single largest reason for the successes I have achieved. Monique’s guidance and commitment to my personal journey has significantly shaped my work ethic, integrity and discipline not only as an dancer, but as a young woman. Our relationship of over 15 yrs has developed from that of student and teacher, to mentor and colleague; and without a doubt, has been one of the most significant in my life. To be coached by Monique is a privilege. No matter how much you think you are giving to her as student… Monique is always giving you more.  I am filled with nothing but gratitude for Monique’s enormous influence on my life in dance and beyond


Brisbane, May 2015

I started my private coaching sessions with Miss Monique in 2007 when I was 11 years old. Monique not only taught me the basic principals and beauty of ballet, but she also helped me realise my deep love and passion for ballet, guiding me through life choices as my dancing career developed. Monique has always been there for me and I know she cares for all of her students as her own children. She is always there when I have a question or a doubt and continues to be there. I know the hours of hard work spent one on one with Monique have benefited me enormously in planning and forging my career as a ballet dancer. Monique has coached me from the very first lessons on how to execute a correct plié and tendu, preparing my first pair of pointe shoes, to dancing on stage in competitions and performances and now she guides and supports me even though I live in Europe. I couldn't think of a better coach.  Whether you are looking for casual ballet classes for fun or if you are like me, and you want to make your dream of performing in a professional ballet company somewhere in the world a reality, Monique is superb!



Brussels, June 2015

I studied ballet for 2 years under Monique's coaching. Under her guidance I learnt more than just Ballet technique. She increased my knowledge of anatomy, safe dancing techniques, injury prevention, body awareness, diet and gave me invaluable guidance in my career.
Monique even introduced me to other very experienced dance teachers and physiotherapists to get additional professional coaching and treatment.
As a Hip Hop dancer I was not very eager to try Ballet. Monique opened my mind and was instrumental in helping improve my control, technique, injury prevention and core strength which drastically improved my skills not just in Ballet and Hip Hop but as a professional dancer.
I would strongly encourage all styles of dancers to take coaching from Monique.

James Deane

Sydney, July 2015

As an older adult I have had both private and group ballet lessons with Monique.  The private lessons deliver a faster progression with learning and are focused on individual needs, though the group lessons are fun and help to consolidate the learning.  Monique is dedicated to all her students, even those of us who will never become professional ballet dancers.  She is very conscious of safety and good habits, so as to avoid future injury/damage.  I have learnt more than just ballet steps - I have learnt things about my body and exercises/changes to correct life long habits that are detrimental.  I highly recommend Monique as a ballet teacher - she has so much knowledge and gives so much to her students, not just in teaching steps, but in safe dance practice, career guidance and genuine interest in the future of each and every student.


Byron Bay, April 2015

Monique is not only a ballet teacher, she is also a mentor, role model and second mother to countless students and ex-students alike.  I was lucky enough to receive private coaching from her in the Cecchetti Ballet syllabus for many years as well as pre-competition coaching for my dance solos.  After commencing full-time ballet training in Brisbane, I continued to travel back home to Alstonville to receive coaching from Monique as her skills as a ballet teacher are second to none.  Although I am no longer training to pursue a career in dance, my ballet tuition shaped me as a person and also prepared me for life outside the studio.  To be honest, I can't really remember a time in my ballet life that Miss Monique wasn't there! grin


Brisbane, July 2015

I was tutored by Monique in Cecchetti Ballet for 4 years. During this time my love of Cecchetti grew immensly. Due to Monique's excellent tutoring I obtained very high exam results. Monique always showed me love and care and often went above and beyond the call of a dance teacher. Still to this day she is an amazing mentor to me. She is one of the rare few teachers that continue to care for her students long after they spread their wings . Monique's attention to detail when teaching technique and her dedication to educating her students on safe dance practice is second to none. Monique made a very big impact on my life and her lessons, not just in dance, will stay with me for a lifetime. Thanks Miss Mon, Much love and respect Emily x


Ballina, September 2015

"I began private ballet lessons with Monique nearly 4 years ago, at the age of 47 after my chiropractor recommended Monique to me, as she thought ballet would help me with a persistent upper back problem. Never having been to ballet as a child, it was with some trepidation that I booked in for my first lesson. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Today I am stronger, fitter, more flexible, more confident and I have a better body shape. I now do group lessons as well and I love it. I am amazed that in those 4 years I have never had an injury. In fact back and shoulder pain is gone and my posture has improved out of sight. Monique focuses on safe dance practice and her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is excellent. I can't recommend her highly enough for children and adults alike. A ballet lesson with Monique is far more than a dance class; there's a good dose of life coaching thrown in. She has an intuitive sense of who a person is and focuses on strengthening the whole being. If you're an adult who's always wanted to do ballet but thought it was too late...take it from me it's not!"


Newrybar, August 2015

"We were very lucky that Monique found the time to privately coach my child for several years. Monique is very enthusiastic and that flows over to the children in their lessons. She is an excellent coach, because she explains and demonstrates skills so the children can understand. She also makes it fun for them to learn. Monique is passionate about dance, has extensive industry experience having been a soloist professional dancers for 12 years throughout Europe and continually updates her knowledge by attending current and cutting edge teachers seminars as well as bringing expert professionals to our area for workshops. She ensures a holistic and safe dance approach to all training. 
My child improved dramatically since Monique first started coaching her and continued to improve in leaps and bounds and without Monique’s attention to detail and specialised mentoring both in and outside the studio my daughter would not be graduating from a pre-professional European school today. Even more remarkable was that the mentoring and coaching never stopped at the studio door. She was always available to me as a parent or my child the dancer at all hours and days. I highly recommend Monique as a ballet coach."


Byron Bay, July, 2015