Private Ballet Coaching

Why take private dance lessons?

It’s more than just dance instruction...
It’s teaching, learning & sharing life skills!

Monique offers caring, nurturing, personalised dance tuition, whether for a vocational career in dance or as an enhancement to the dance student’s general progress.  Private lessons can be tailored to 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes as you require.  Time just with the student allows Monique to truly focus on the individual needs, so she can travel at their speed and address technical areas and corrections. The benefits from this type of individualised private coaching are immeasurable.

What are the benefits of private tuition?

  • Improve faster in all areas of your dance training and life skills.
  • Move more swiftly through the basics to the next level.
  • Fast track safety, skills and assurance into more advanced work including pre-pointe training, pointe work, specific repertoire coaching etc.
  • Audition or competition preparation.
  • HSC dance support.
  • Specific Technique correction, resolving issues, correcting bad habits, working on specific weaknesses.
  • Learn about injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Fine tune and polish your technique.
  • Push your skill level.
  • Refine your artistry.
  • Make connections.

Who can benefit from private coaching & mentoring?

  • Children from 8 years through teens to adults. Beginners through Intermediate to Advanced levels. Pre-professional and Professional dancers, Recreational or Vocational dance students, Transitioning dancers after a dance career.
  • Young children wanting to expand and grow their dancing and life skills in a personalised caring and nurturing environment.
  • Ballet students seeking solo coaching and creation of solos.
  • Ballet students who are challenged by distance or location can still benefit from Skype mentoring to help suggest and guide directions, pathways and options.
  • Dance students who wish to learn more about injury prevention.
  • Dance students returning to dance after an injury requiring some extra 1:1 care on how to transition back to dance classes.
  • HSC Dance Students wanting to fasttrack and catch up their technique in performance skills (see details below).
  • Pre-professional dancers as a place for experienced advice as well as careful training.
  • Beginner Adult students wanting to accelerate their understanding and work one on one on their individual preferences.
  • Teachers looking for new ideas and training methods or working towards qualifications.

Where are the private lessons held?

Private lessons are held by arrangement at The Dance Warehouse Wollongbar NSW Studios on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. If distance is an issue, you may want to consider Skype mentoring. For details click here.

What are HSC Dance Support Classes?

Private lessons offer the HSC student from Years 10, 11 & 12 the opportunity to:

  • Extend and strengthen their technique training to support their core or major performance solos.
  • Explore deeper understanding and learning about safe dance technique and practice.
  • Expand all facets of their HSC course including a fabulous library of dance books and reference materials for the appreciation module of the HSC including assistance in research skills.

What is the benefit of a dance assessment?

Monique likes to work closely with sports physiotherapy, podiatry and medical advisers who can help prepare a physical dance assessment, to ensure the pupil is physically able to progress to the next level.  Dance assessments are detailed musculoskeletal assessments of joint ranges, strengths and weaknesses. This assists the dancer to understand areas which they need to focus on. Strengthening training programs for elite athletes and dance students, incorporating pilates concepts to address these issues, can be designed by the therapist to target the individual student’s needs.

What is a personal student coaching plan?

As a complimentary service, Monique tailors a long term personal dance plan for each student, if requested, which includes options and possible goals, which help the dance student focus and make progress.

An example of a personal student coaching plan could include one, some, any or all of the following:

  • to attend coaching for a competition ballet solo routine the minimum requirement is one weekly private class of minimum 30 minutes.
  • to attend coaching for Cecchetti Ballet Grades exam work the minimum requirement is one weekly private or shared class of minimum 60 minutes.
  • to attend coaching for Cecchetti Major grades including pointe work the minimum requirement is two weekly classes increasing as the student progresses towards higher major work. These classes could be a mix of 60 minutes private, shared or group classes, as available or arranged.
  • to attend coaching for RAD Majors from Intermediate Foundation upwards including pointe work, the minimum requirement is two weekly classes increasing as the student progresses towards higher major work. These classes could be a mixture of 60 minutes of private, shared or group classes, as available or arranged.

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)  recommends:  "that dance students studying for vocational graded examinations should take a minimum of two syllabus classes a week at the lower grade levels, increasing as the student progresses towards the higher major levels. Additional time, particularly when growth spurts occur, can only be beneficial in the long term."  275 study hours are recommended by the Royal Academy of Dance for Majors from Intermediate Foundation. This includes 150 hours for guided learning. This breaks down to 3.75 guided learning hours per week during the school term.

IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science) recommends:
"If ballet classes are only once a week, discourage pointe training”, "If ballet classes are twice a week, begin pointe training in the fourth year of training".

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