Something beautiful! Cecchetti-isms
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Li Cunxin’s forward thinking

Fascinating insight into Li Cunxin's forward thinking, challenging and exciting future plans for The Queensland Ballet and the QB learn education program including QDSE and JEP! A few new things that were unveiled... teachers including himself, Mary Li, Janette Mulligan, Christian Tatchev & Greg Horseman will swap around to take class at all levels. Also heads up for anyone with (almost sold out) tickets to a Saturday matinee ... you can go into the theatre early and watch the company's warm up class on stage! Worldwide interest in the company with Li at the helm has prompted an overwhelming response to auditions including instead of accepting a company position overseas, an ABS graduate accepted a placement in the Pre-Professional year (as a student) as he hopes for a place in the company to become available! Go QB... your star is on the rise!!!

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