“Realising your potential…. to be the best that you can be!”

At Ballet Coaching, we aspire to help dancers realise their potential, both as dancers and in life. Every time a dancer ties their dance shoes, or takes their place at the barre, they prepare themselves for the world. 

We aspire to create and inspire confidence, humility, perseverance and commitment. We want to motivate our dancers to live and dance with joy and artistry. We want our dancers to feel accomplished and proud of their achievements.

Our head ballet coach, Monique Feain has over 25 years experience as a dance teacher. She has coached elite and high-achieving dancers, as well as those who simply dance for pleasure. She knows and has seen the results of commitment. Commitment to dance has inspired Monique’s students, past and present to make commitments in all facets of their life. 

“Commitment takes time, energy, sacrifice, and follow-through,” says Monique. “Dancers learn to stick with something. And their dance education helps to reinforce many of the important qualities that make young people successful in high school and university, and will ultimately help them to succeed in their lives whether they continue as a dancer or not.”

As Eleanor Roosevelt states, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

At Ballet Coaching, we encourage our dance students to not only discover their dreams, but find the confidence and commitment to make those dreams a reality.