The Shift Movie

The Shift Movie - A very beautiful film! Free to watch until end Sept. Don't miss it!
"There's a place deep within us that wants to know that my life made a difference and that someone's life has been profoundly touched because of my existence ...wherever you are at, whatever your age, you're only a thought away from changing your life"
"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." ~ Wayne Dyer

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Motor skills

Certain Motor skills will not be achieved until children reach a certain age, regardless of years of dancing! Postural control and balance are the foundations for success in almost all movement in dance, and it is essential to focus on these aspects of training in the early years. Teachers’ effectiveness and dancers’ skills can be enhanced through a sound knowledge of motor development. Locomotor skills follow a particular developmental pattern: walking, running, jumping, galloping, hopping, and skipping. These skills must be presented in order, and at the right age.

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3 Mindset Changes You Must Adopt to Succeed in Dance

Through dance we learn a lot about ourselves and how to use our bodies. We learn to express ourselves physically where we’ve failed to do so with words and this helps us become stronger people, physically and mentally.

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Benefits of Dance

A number of studies have shown that people who dance are less likely to be depressed and report higher levels of emotional well-being.

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Competitions: Good or Bad? with Clare Morehen

Thank you Clare Morehan for your valued opinion!

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