Student Achievements

Cecchetti NSW and BBM $8,000 Overseas UK Study/Travel Scholarship/Grants:

BBM Youth Support have enabled hundreds of talented young Australians to visit Britain to gain further experience in their chosen pursuits. Cecchetti NSW is proud to partner with BBM Youth Support to offer this exciting Travelling scholarship. For more information about BBM Youth Support go to

Proud student recipients from include:
2013 - Bridget Coulthurst
2011 - Ashlyne Wardle
2011 - Patrick Weir
2010 - Marlee Gittings
2008 - Jennifer Culph
2007 - Jarrad Cramp
2006 - Grace Owen
2005 - Eliza Mulholland
2005 - Ashley Harvey
2005 - Stevie Wardle

Ashlyne Wardle
Ashlyne Wardle