“Rock the Ballet” Review by Grace Owen!

“Rock the Ballet” Review by Grace Owen!

"Rock the Ballet" Review by Grace Owen!
9 June 2010 at 16:03
Okay.. Rock the Ballet. We didn't get Rasta and his wife we got the understudies. The male dancers were fantastic each with their own unique style and strengths. The guy understudying the lead role was VERY ballet boy style. Amazing legs, feet and TURNS!!!!! He looked quite awkard in the hip hop and jazz parts!! I was giggling not going to lie!

It is definetly more contemporary than ballet... there were only a few sissones and things thrown in every now and then. We had a flexi boy, a really good hip hop boy, a karate style boy, a michael jackson style boy and a really high jumper boy. They all had fantastic technique.Although one thing I absolutely could not stand (and it was mainly the girl but some boys too) is when they did a high kick that isn't devant but isn't second either and flick their head down to make the leg look higher...also they kick up really fast and then come down to 45 really fast but then hold it a 45 to make it look like they can hold their leg?? I don't get it and it looked silly.

It came to interval and I thought 'It can't be halfway through?!!' which is a good thing.

The first piece in the second half was AMAZING they had light on the back screen and no light on the stage it was just sillouettes and it was fantastic.

For me the female lead really let it down. She looked like a dance school dancre or even a cheerleader not professional. She had good jumps and good flexiblilty but didn't articulate her feet very well. The costumes she wore looked like a 10 year olds tap costume, not good at all but also not her fault. And in the first half it seemed to be about her being in love with the male lead but in the second half she danced with the michael jackson boy, so that didn't flow or make sense to me. Also I would have thought she'd be en pointe... Everytime she came on stage I wanted to her to go off. I reallly don't think they need a female in the show. The boys can carry it on their own.

Alot of the choreography was repeated which reminded me of HSC dance with the motifs and I am not a fan of that either hahah! BUT the parts where you could tell each dancer had contributed were great.

All in all it was fantastic I would definetly go see it again. Ash, Sarah and I gave a standing ovation and so did alot of other people!! ( maybe they should just cast me as the female lead!!!) hehehe 

Grace Owen
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Thanks Grace!